Day 322

Ellie can sit on her own!

The aftermath from dinner, the dietician has asked we put more protein in their diet. The girls weren’t so impressed (yoghurt is protein right??)

With our blood donation tally up to 176 and the girls birthday next month. Ellie wanted to show everyone how easy it is. Today our gorgeous 6 kilo baby had 6mls of blood taken from her for various tests – that’s a fair whack of blood for her. She was super brave and patient with the most amazing blood collector in the hospital. Two jabs, 5 vials and 1ml of sucrose (sugar water) later and it was all done. If you donate you at least get a cookie and milkshake!

The following article is from May last year:

Not entirely accurate, but boy a lot has happened since then and an incredible 150 donations have been made since then!! Let’s smash that 100 donation record.

Twin time

Hannah: This is fun! Ellie: You are both crazy!

Don’t tell Mum!

Thanks for your support (more on the Mummy Diary tonight).

*Deb x


5 thoughts on “Day 322

  1. Those dinners look so appetising – can’t imagine why the girls rejected them (the lump in my cheek is my tongue). Ellie, such a clever girl to master sitting up – well done! Love the matching outfits – super cute x


      • I can get where Matt is coming from with all that stuff about the importance of twins maintaining a sense of individual identity, but 2 things: 1. NOBODY gets to deny Deb of a bit of fun – Lord knows, she’s earned it!! 2. Haven’t even met them yet, but can already see the huge differences between the girls that identical clothing will never mask. I’m not talking about head gear or size or anything physical at all. Ellie will be the contemplative, considered, cautious, shy, somewhat introverted one, with Hannah the impetuous, wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve, gregarious, life-of-the party kinda gal. Well, that’s my prediction anyway…

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