Day 326

Ellie was very grumpy today, especially this morning, because of her sore gums. That said, she is still such a bright little button, and if someone was there to distract her she acted as if nothing was wrong.

Today, I was reflecting on the fact that Ellie’s very public life will one day become a little more private. I think she is too small at the moment for it to affect her, but I definitely don’t want to force her to grow up in with every moment of her life being published on a blog! Luckily, she is on track to come home before she is old enough for that decision to be made on her behalf.

She continues to be fine on her 6 liters of high flow and they are already discussing what the next step will be to ween off breathing support. (whatever it is, will likely be in a week or so). Her bolus feeds are also increasing in speed ever so slightly.



One thought on “Day 326

  1. Love hearing about the homeward bound steps – weaning her off breathing support a HUGE concept – keep up the good work, Ellie! x
    PS Mummy and Daddy will supply a whole bunch of balloons for your homecoming


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