Day 327

A late update tonight, sorry.

First of all a guessing comp. Who is in this photo?


who am I?

With Ellie’s smaller size and the constant things on her head (hearing aids, Feeding Tube and Breathing Mask) she has always looked different to us. This photo is actually of Ellie today. We had stripped everything off her after a bath and before the mask went back on I got this shot (feeding tube is still in, just out of shot). We aren’t used to our girls looking so similar….guess we better get used to it.

Just a reminder, if anyone wants to contribute to the girls upcoming birthday (16th March), we have a specific request that is outlined below.

  • Write a note to the girls on their 1st birthday (a seperate one for Hannah and Ellie please).
  • We will store them in a time capsule and give it to them on their 18th birthday
  • It will be a way for them to look back and remember all the people who rallied around them during their first year of life.
  • If you don’t know our address, please ask and we will get in touch



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