Day 328

Another Tuesday done and it’s feeling like one Tuesday closer to Ellie eventually coming home.

For some reason I have been thinking a lot about the drive into the hospital Matt and I took one night when Ellie had pneumonia and they thought she might have to be reintubated. I keep thinking about a song that strengthened us and our conversation, in tears I remember discussing decisions we would have to face if Ellie died, knowing I wouldn’t be able to do it if she did. I’m not remembering this as a bad day, but a turning point. Having a discussion like that with your husband about one of your kids changes things somehow. I’m still not sure how, but it does. I just keep thinking about that song, Ellie’s song and the strength it gave me. If only I could remember what is was…..
Tuesdays go quick, the extra long journey in this morning didn’t help. It was a good day although it made me long for being at home with my kiddies and all the craziness that brings.

I think pictures will better share our day. Download tonight to see how 6 litres of high flow is going. Also a small weight lost so things were tweaked and it was uncovered that Ellie’s has been eating 97% fat free yoghurt, that is also being remedied.


Two more things, Georgia is leaving this week and wanted an arm full of baby as a going away present. And Ellie’s Sophie the giraffe decided to go for a swim in Milton. So thanks to Granma she now has as beautiful fawn, whos name was meant to be Fanfan but has been renamed Flossy by Ellie’s friend Stacey (Hannah’s bath partner). Ellie adores Flossy already.

Twin time was cut short when Hannah started going for Ellie’s feeding tube at her nose. Thank goodness the high flow normally protects it. Although Hannah ripped half of that off today as well…..

They were dressed by different people in different places and are still twinning

Yes Hannah does have Ellie feeding tube in her hand

Hannah: Mum why are you tickling her and not me?

2 thoughts on “Day 328

  1. Hope Georgia enjoyed her going away gift – by the looks of the stunning photos of a beautiful threesome, she did. Fanfan/Flossy seems to be a big hit. You managed to catch the shot of Hannah’s frown at not receiving the attention E did very well – a little bit of rivalry for Mumma’s attention – nice to be popular?
    Maybe remembering the song is not the important part – marvelling at the resilience you both showed in moving on from that very low point is. You and Matt have already achieved things as parents that most parents never do/have to in a lifetime x


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