Day 329

Another busy day on very little sleep, well the girls slept well. I had the pleasure of writing out Ellie’s sleep diary.

Pretty happy I can normally sleep through most of her prong out instances and then nurses just pop them back in when they do their hourly obs. After last night I realised we have been falsely accusing Ellie of rubbing her prongs out 90% of the time. Every time she rolls her head over or moves they pop out! Supposedly low flow stay in better, here’s hoping.

We also had physio, speech therapy, 2 walks, 4 bottles, 4 teat milk feeds, three meals fed x2 and I don’t want to count the nappies but 5 or 6 of them were poos. So a pretty average day really.

I did get a reprieve as the amazing Georgia and Stacey gave the girls baths, while I showered.

* Deb


3 thoughts on “Day 329

  1. Reading Ellie’s sleep diary – ouch! Just as well you can sleep through most of her prongs out instances. Your “pretty average day” is one that would leave most of we mere mortals spinning out – you really are one amazing Supermum, Deb x


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