Day 331

It’s hot and there is a large baby asleep right on me….

Fridays are busy because they are short. Hannah and I leave the hospital at 1 so we can pick Nate up and get some quality boy time in before bedtime.

Ellie had a heart echo done today, her heart looks great. She has had many of these before to ensure it wasn’t something in her heart affecting her breathing. Today’s was to ensure her work of breathing was straining her heart. She will keep having these for another 12-24month, it’s just an ultrasound so doesn’t hurt and it all looked great today.

Australian Hearing also came to take their 3 weekly moulds for Ellie’s hearing aides. They also measured the fluid in her ears and there is a slight improvement so we should be able to finally have a follow up hearing test soon, Ellie also has to be on low flow for this (the sound proof room doesn’t have high flow oxygen requirements).

That was our day, enjoy the weekend everyone x


Sorry no photos and videos aren’t working for me at the moment.

Tag Matt, you’re it for 3 days.​​


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