Day 332 -make up post

I often switch between being amazed at how developed Ellie is to realising that she still is a long way behind from her rough start. Recently, everyone has been commenting that the girls birthday is coming up and everyone is getting excited. I remember around this time wondering when the boys would take their first steps and start walking. This still feels like a long way off for both the girls. This is also not a bad thing, especially for Ellie. I  do not know how well her breathing attachments will cope with a walking bubba.

Medically, Ellie is still doing well. She is handling the lower pressure (4 litres) in her high flow nicely. She is still doing great with her ‘time off’ as well. Her feeds are still increasing in size and speed, which is causing some reflux  problems. Hopefully this is sorted out with an increase in her drugs (Hannah has had this recently and it is helping).



One thought on “Day 332 -make up post

  1. It is so easy for everyone not at the coal face to comment on how amazing it is that both girls have come so very far since day one – how wonderful it is to be planning celebrations for their first birthday. I imagine that for you, Deb and the boys, dealing with each and every one of the past 332 days, it has been a tremendously long and arduous haul. Yes, their birthday will be a time for celebration, reflection and thanksgiving – but I hope that some time during their 1st birthday celebration you and Deb take a small moment and simply say to each other “Congratulations – well done”.
    As for shivering in the Hospital aircon, put on a jumper and revel in it!


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