Day 336

Tonight’s blog comes via correspondence as my amazing wife is very busy with two needy girls today. From the reports and updates I have been getting, I can confirm that

  • It seems to be a day of many poo explosions (I think 5 or 6 changes of clothes was the last count)
  • Ellie’s cold is now all but confirmed. She has had deb up since 3:30am and isn’t her usual self. She has only had one short walk outside yesterday and outside time is now suspended until she is doing better. She has also had a big vomit but we think this is because of the extra mucus in her stomach.
  • Hannah is showing signs of the cold as well, but yet to be confirmed
  • Both girls seem to be also teething to add to being uncomfortable
  • Hannah had a special visit downstairs to see the physio as Ellie fell asleep
  • Deb has clocked over 10,000 steps with hardly leaving the ward!

Now for a few cute photos and videos, if you just went off these you would think having twins in hospital was a walk in the park! Deb discovered both the girls enjoy clapping, especially Ellie. A good way to distract them from whinging.


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