Day 338

Well Ellie’s rhinovirus seems to be peaking, I think this is a good sign. Unfortunately it also means she is breathing quicker and working harder with each breath. The coughing is resulting in some vomits, just due to the force of the cough. She is getting paracetamol 6 hourly and is in good spirits dancing, smiling and laughing when she has the energy.

Hannah’s face is constantly wet from the stream running out of her nose and is miserable. Happier to be home and not having to share her Mumma with another sick baby.

I’m still hoping I don’t get it……

This is Hannah sleeping on me just now, unfortunately the bags are real.



5 thoughts on “Day 338

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you don’t get it as well. That goes for you too, Matt, looking after Ellie. I’m waving a figurative wand over H and E that they might wake up with nothing but air coming out of their cute little noses xo

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