Day 340

Despite our big move and being away from our familiar ward, Ellie was in a great mood today. Her oxygen saturation still isn’t up to it’s normal standards, but she had a lot more energy and was much less whingy (well until the afternoon anyway).

We had a great time and because Ellie was just stuck with me for most of the day (normally she gets lots of visitors) we had to make up our own fun. I think we succeeded.

It also seems a little clearer as to how long we will be here. Generally, there are no long termers on this ward, so as soon as Ellie’s cold is given the all clear we will be moved off again….hopefully back to where we were before.


(Hannah and her amazing mum trying to keep sick kids happy, and Ellie on either side growing up quickly)

Ellie has really learned to love dancing, it has become a way for her to communicate that she is enjoying something.

She has even started dancing when I read to her…..which is cute, but also counterproductive.


Ellie already loves selfies.


One thought on “Day 340

  1. Move over Wiggles, there’s a new kids entertainer in town – Ellie so lucky to have such a multi-talented Dad – she really does have the moves, huh? Yes, I can see that dancing to story time may be counterproductive if you’re trying for quiet time before beddy-byes…
    Hope everyone is a little less snotty today and will keep fingers crossed for a move back to your old room x

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