Day 341

I have liked Helen Keller since I was very young. I liked her writings and the more I read about her the more she amazed me. She achieved more than a lot of people without disabilities. She was born in 1890, was deaf, blind, female and obtained a university degree.

After Ellie’s hearing test, the audiologist told me Ellie had permanent hearing loss, I think I just asked if she could get hearing aides or where to from here or something. She looked at me and said most people ask me if there kid will still be able to work or go to school or get married. I said I watch to much Switched at birth to think deafness could hold you back. I do wonder now though if it was also growing up with role models that show us anything can be achieved with the right help, Helen Kellers teacher was well beyond her time.

I think I got a little side tracked and have been interrupted a few times by the girls. But what I wanted to focus on was on a new door that has opened.

Hard things this past week have included:

Feeling far away from the nurses and being so isolated (infectious ward means doors are closed and people or I generally stick to my room).

Moving out of our comfort zone and away from our friends

The girls wet snotty faces

Spending one less day  with the boys and at home
Positives so far:

Ellie had two one hour sleeps today because it is so quiet

We have been able to spend time with a nurse friend who moved up to this ward a few weeks ago

The girls have both be honouring me with beautiful intentional kisses

I have been able to spend time with Matt today and have an extra day with Ellie
Cold wise Ellie is doing really well, they will drop her high flow back down in the morning. Also Ellie now has 4 teeth, two are still working on coming all the way through.

Hannah is a massive snot head, pouring out of her. She is still able to charm everyone though. She has been a little unsettled anyway but wasn’t overly impressed with sleeping in our new room. Hopefully she is over the worst of it now.

I still have a sore throat and get headaches but am hoping I have bypassed the runny nose stage, I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Some pic from today.


It’s Monday, you’re not Liz or Granma.

Bliss two babies asleep at once. Is it obvious we have blue curtains?

Thinking the playpen will just be something to play with on her way to see the world

Can’t crawl and still manages to get between the lounges and chew on a plastic bag (from the weekend)


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