Day 342

As I typed in the title of this blog for Deb tonight, I had a vivid recollection of writing a blog a long time ago, where I considered that maybe the blog would reach 3 figures (day 100). What a distant memory that is now!

Things are going okay, still very trying for Deb and the girls in a totally new environment, but the girls seem to be doing well. Ellie has come back to 4.5 litres for her breathing support, which was what she was on before the cold. Now we can start concentrating again on working her towards coming home. She is sitting better than ever and we think a lot of it has to do with her dancing (which is a great core workout).

Hannah continues to thrive and today she sat up by herself from lying down on her tummy. I think we have a matter of weeks until she is mobile, which will be another whole challenge in itself (especially at the hospital).

Still no word on the imminent move from our temporary ward, other than it will eventually happen. The ‘where’ is a much bigger concern for us than the ‘when’, but we will just have to wait and see.



One thought on “Day 342

  1. What a pair of absolute cuties! Beautiful photos. Glad to hear they’re getting over the colds and that Ellie’s breathing support is back on track. Yes, could see that E’s dance moves were giving her abs a good work out. Hope you’re all out of hospital before Hannah masters the art of standing up and walking – a whole new level of supervision, huh? xo


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