Day 343

Not a lot happened today, but it was busy. Forgetting I spoke to someone on the phone and told them to come in didn’t help…..

Days are busy just having two babies, but I met a nurse nurse this morning (she was lovely), then did brekky, then I can’t remember, milk feeds and then started settling them when Ellie’s ‘talking’ speech therapist from Matilda Rose came to meet her, she was very impressed with how social Ellie is. I did try to explain how popular she is. She was also saying it is extra difficult for Ellie to do physical tasks and listen at the same time – needless to say the Ellie dancing to Daddy’s beat boxing video impressed her. There is still a lot that needs to be worked on but slowly we will get there.

After that Hannah’s ‘feeding’ speech therapist came twice, Hannah was asleep the first time. Turns out both my girls have immature swallows or tongue movements or something. Anyway the way to stop Hannah choking is – in a nutshell – stop giving her big chunks of food. Lucky there are three others, hey 😂😂

After that is was pretty normal, nappies, feed, sleep or not sleep depending which baby you are talking about. Then just the standard doctor turning up at 730pm and me telling them if they woke Ellie up they had to resettle her, once she realised I wasn’t joking she ran out the door without saying good bye…..oops. It was a bit of an odd situation, even the nurse said it was weird. Anyway hopefully we can see a doctor during the day tomorrow and get the all clear so that we can move back downstairs.

Ellie is awake as stirring, until tomorrow.



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