Day 344

We are home!
Well back to our hospital home anyway, they even saved our room for us ❤️ It is a bit strange thinking about someone else was in our room, probably should remind myself this is a hospital and not actually my home.

Ellie is symptom free and looking incredible. Hannah’s new sitting trick got old real quick, only one 40 minute sleep today! But I can sit up and play, I don’t need to sleep…..

That’s all on the news front. I’m very excited about going back to our regular routine.


What do you mean, we are wearing the same pyjamas?

Hannah’s “sleep time”

Moving is hard work Mum

One full cot, one full trolley and one full pram and our holiday is over – back home we go.


4 thoughts on “Day 344

  1. Happy for you Deb. The countdown starts again! Miss Hannah you look like you might be a real cheeky chops and you can follow in her footsteps Miss Ellie 😇😇


  2. Glad you’re back in your TEMPORARY (just reminding you) home – the disruption sounds like it was no fun at all. Ellie overcoming her cold/teething/general misery a great achievement. Hannah looks fit to escape from behind bars (cot bars, that is) – or maybe just ready to escape, period! Love to all x


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