Day 345

These Fridays are killing me, I nearly forgot again!

It was sad leaving today, I felt like I had only just gotten there. I was back in our room less than 24 hours before I had to leave to come home.

Ellie is looking fantastic! Doctor came after I left and said she could get ten minutes of fresh air after not being allowed to leave the wall for over a week, her friend and nurse took her out for a quick visit to the fairy garden. I was also told she recognises the word dance and does it on que.

Some big changes potentially happening next week, getting back on the path home.

Lots of appointments and follow ups and immunisations and feeds and sleep studies and hearing tests, o and breathing to sort out. But it is feeling a little closer….. just a shame it will be getting cold. Maybe the girls and I can move to Cairns for the winter??? What do you think Matt?


Getting close….. maybe it was lucky the sheet was slippery.


3 thoughts on “Day 345

  1. “No fair with the scrunchy sheet, Mum! I showed you I could crawl and made it to the dummy and she moved it again – I’m just gunna go backwards and sit there till they give it to me”
    Glad Ellie made it back to her Fairy Garden – hope you all have a restful weekend – sounds like next week is going to be super busy x


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