Day 346

It was great getting to spend the day with Ellie in her old room (and more importantly her old ward). She didn’t go 30 minutes without a visitor popping in and saying hello.

We had a great time catching up. I especially like the above video. If your sound is turned up, you can hear when Ellie bumps the toy into her head and then looks up to me as if to say, ‘Dad, someone hit me in the head!’ When she realises her Dad isn’t going to stick up for her, she has a little tantrum and smacks the toys away. This girl has some attitude!

Ellie is doing really really well! Her breathing rate is right down (mostly around 40) and she is on track for her low flow trial on Monday. Nurses are starting to encourage us to learn some extra things in preparation for coming home, and for the first time ever it feels like the finish line is in sight! Today I learnt how to prep the feeding pump with a fresh bag.



2 thoughts on “Day 346

  1. She really does give you a “Well? What are you going to do about that naughty toy?” look – there’s that feisty trait again!
    A low flow trial on Monday sounds very exciting – am wondering how tightly I can cross my arthritic fingers and toes before they end up in a knot? x

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