Day 347

Ellie had a good day and we are quite excited (and anxious) to see how she does on her low flow trial tomorrow. If she can manage it, it is a huge step forward to coming home sooner rather than later. I am trying to find a balance between positive thinking, prayerful hope and preparing myself to be patient if she needs more time.

Today I read Ellie the story that we have read her since she was born. It struck me, that many times in the NICU I would read it to her and wonder if she would ever be able to listen and be involved. Now I am battling to get through a page without her grabbing the book and trying her best to be involved as she rips it out of my hands!



Ellie loves going outside and watching the cars drive past on her short breaks.


One thought on “Day 347

  1. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” ? Pretty soon, hopefully, the very exciting place called HOME !
    G’luck with the low flow trial, Ellie – will send some extra positive thoughts your way today x


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