Day 349

Tuesdays are always busy. This was not helped today by me sleeping in (730 is sleeping in right?), forgetting to say bye to Levi so going to Mums to give him a hug (he had been dropped off 20mins earlier), then going back home to find my phone, not being able to find it and then hoping Hannah didn’t scream in the car because she had missed brekky (solids) and was going to be due a feed halfway to the hospital. Thankfully Hannah slept and Nate found my phone at home this afternoon.

Ellie woke up as we walked in the door of her room and the craziness began.

Ellie is looking good on her low flow. She started on 1 litre yesterday and it was reduced to 0.9 this morning. They will be reducing this very slowly in the hopes she will eventually get to 0.2 or as close to that as possible. Ellie’s work of breathing is a little more while she is awake and active but at rest is similar to high flow and while asleep is just as good as high flow which is a really good start. It will take at least 5 days to see if she tires to much on less support.

We took Ellie and her tank out for a walk today, unfortunately it had just finished raining so everything was wet and the fairy garden was closed.


Sleep time today 😳

One thought on “Day 349

  1. Hope your Wednesday is a little less crazy… It’s great to hear Ellie is doing well so far on the low flow – sorry to use the same expression again but Onward and upward, Ellie! x
    PS Hannah, sleep time is for napping – lying down is a good start, cheeky miss


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