Day 351

Well every day we go down 100mls on Ellie’s low flow, we are down to 700mls today and still looking good.

Thursday is our quiet day, in that I just have to look after twins in hospital, we don’t have any scheduled appointments. This free time allowed us to go out for 2 hours today! We stopped back on the ward quickly halfway through for meds and an obs check. We walked and lounged around, generally just taking our time and getting use to the pram. Ellie had an incredible 1.5hr sleep and was quite shocked when she woke up in the pram outside. It was nice. Unfortunately it didn’t leave time for physio but Ellie is still doing a lot of sitting up.

Hannah is a bit grumpy at the moment, her mouth is sore which results in her being hungry and then she is in pain and hungry. Thank goodness for bonjela, panadol and frozen plastic fish!

I forgot to take photos today.



One thought on “Day 351

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day – 2 hours outside must be a record! When my boys were teething, I used to hate hearing Mums say stuff like “Billy woke up with 3 new teeth this morning – didn’t even know they were on the way” Bah, humbug! Go the frozen fish!! xo

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