Day 354

Sorry, this time it was Daddy’s turn to forget to post.

This weekend has been beautiful. Ellie is doing so well and she is such good company. She definitely has a hot temper when she needs to, but most of the time she is all smiles and dancing, along with goos and gaas. She really lights up the room and continues to get more and more friends visiting her bedside.

I have also loved taking her out with the gas tank. We have been going out 3 or 4 times each day and Ellie is also loving the change of scenery.

Carrying a bald baby around with a gas tank and and breathing prongs gets a lot of attention, even at a hospital. I can’t help but notice people staring at Ellie and I know I would have done the same if I was in their situation (I can be a bit of a people watcher myself at times). Their reaction is normally one of two things, they look away again after feeling sorry for Ellie but not wanting to stare, or they catch Ellie’s eye and immediately are drawn into her love of life and saying something like – ‘she is so adorable’. Even then, they still often walk away after a final glance of sympathy for the little bub with so many attachments.

I find it difficult to connect to their sympathy. I have been walking around feeling so proud  of this little bundle of light. I also feel so so grateful that Ellie hasn’t gotten the long list of problems, difficulties and disabilities we were told to expect so many times throughout the pregnancy and first few months. Sometimes it feels surreal that Ellie is not only alive, but she is an inspiring, fun, happy, clever, social, entertaining, loving little human. I am so excited to see both our girls grow up with their two big brothers.

Ellie has stayed on 600mls of low flow this weekend, but I think much of the reason is that ppl are hesitant to do much on Saturdays and Sundays when most of the doctors are away.


3 thoughts on “Day 354

  1. That you can’t relate to people’s sympathy is just as it should be – pride and joy at being able to take Ellie out for walks after almost 12 long months of slog to get to this point is exactly as it should be! Love the Disco Queen video – flashing lights and a dance beat and she’s off and grooving. Go Ellie x


  2. It might sound funny but with all your photos Matt I don’t even notice the tubes behind the smile. Sometimes I hesitate to decide which of the girls I’m looking at then realise there is a tube and it must be Ellie. It’s so easy to understand your pride. I burst with it and I’m just a distant Aunty. xx


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