Day 355

Ellie’s doctor came for a visit today and was really happy with her progress onto Low Flow. We went down to 500ml and he wants to keep going down 100mls per day until we get to 200, then wait over the wknd and have a sleep study done on the Tuesday of next week. One extra hurdle for Ellie will be her immunisations. Hannah had hers today and is having a bit of a reaction.

Today Ellie was a lively and happy as ever. She is no longer happy with lying down for long periods of time and does whatever she can to convince you to sit her up. As soon as you sit her up, her head darts straight towards the nurses desk to see what exciting things are happening outside her door. I have been making special efforts to tell Ellie regularly that she cannot bring all her friends home with her, but I am not sure if she has been listening.


The musical orbs are Ellie’s favourite table top toy



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