Day 357

With only 8 days (or really 7 because it’s late now) until the girls birthday we have a few things going on!

1. We currently have 193 donations! If you are thinking you should donate again or for the first time, what a great week to do it!! Remember to sign up to Red25 group Hannah Rose & Ellie Grace. Thanks! Especially for the 193 donations that have already taken place.

2. If you have or would like to write a letter the girls girls for there future birthday and are not sure how to get it to us, please email me and I will pass on our details (

3. Does anyone remember the girls Poppy, Roy, running the half marathon last year to help raise money for the NICU? Well on the 21st of May (3 days before his, very young 71st birthday) Roy will once again be running 21kms to help raise such valuable funds for research and equipment at the NICU. If you feel inclined you can sponsor him at this address

Well today was a much grumpier day, between teething and immunisations (but it was nice having the girls each fall asleep in my arms (at different sleep times). The girls are quite funny they can be incredibly irritable and upset, but also reasonably easily distracted (as long as they aren’t overtired) so although today wasn’t great it was still full of smiles and fun. On that note these grumpy immunisation days are nothing compared to getting the things they are being immunised against. For some unknown reason one the girls friends failed to produce antibodies for one immunisation, she caught what they thought she was immunised against, spend 5 very hard weeks in CICU, a further 7 weeks on the ward and now has a minimum of one follow up appointment a week. It isn’t fair that she was immunised and it didn’t work. But even before seeing this I was a believer in immunisations but after seeing it I’m not sure how anyone could say no to them. No one should have to see their kid in the CICU.

On an exciting note Hannah finally showed me how she can crawl! (Everytime I left the room on the weekend she would crawl to the boys), not only that but I managed to film it! I also got Ellie’s lastest physio trick!

I also wanted to touch on generosity tonight. Sometimes I feel I’m not grateful enough and definitely not worthy or the generosity given to us, or the girls who are very worthy (in the opinion of their unbiased Mum 😂😂). The extra time the nurses give to us, the thoughtful gift a NICU friend delivered (while their son was in surgery) and something else extraordinary. There has been another patient on C1South that have come and gone a few times and have now been staying for a while with their older daughter. The Mum is truly beautiful. She overheard part of a conversation about the girls needing blood donations. Well she volunteered to a nurse that she would love to give the girls blood if they really needed it and was willing to see a doctor immediately to have it taken. Another family with a sick kid and their thoughts were on how they could help my babies, the generosity of that act I feel is something I should aspire too. A side note, it was explained that the girls were trying to inspire blood donations and no longer needed them themselves.

Thanks for reading!

*Deb x

Oops….. guess that’s what you get when your Mum and her friend take you to the pub for a sneaky lunch(also we did save the NG, she didn’t need a new one).


One thought on “Day 357

  1. Clever girl, Hannah – no stopping you now! Now that Ellie has seen her sister’s latest party trick, she won’t be far behind…
    From everyone following the Humphreys family story, the suggestion that you may not be worthy of all the generosity shown to you is RIDICULOUS!! Much love x


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