Day 358

Well my darling daughters awarded me two chunks of 2hrs of sleep after their very grumpy day. A bonus is they weren’t as bad today. Lots of crying between 5 and 6 but that is life with kids.

Some photos from our day today (sorry if you read to here, hit publish by accident….)

Ponna and some visitors

Getting snugly after a bath

Playing together is funny!


3 thoughts on “Day 358

  1. Brilliant photo, Deb, of Ellie’s laugh at Hannah’s antics – you captured that “priceless” moment perfectly.
    Love the visiting constabulary photo – officer on the right, complete with bullet proof vest, holding aloft the new weapon in the police arsenal – a fuzzy grey bear – Hannah making goo-goo eyes and Ellie just plain fascinated. Do you remember the old police PR jingle? “Cops are Tops”


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