Day 359

I didn’t forget I promise, just been caught up (messages, emails, social media). Anyway I had this great idea and reflection I was going to write about but it’s gone – along with the concept of 8 hours sleep in a row, funny how they go hand in hand.
Anyway on to important matters!

The Red25 group tally has had a computer glitch! We have no idea what our real tally is…… 195, 197, 199???? No ones knows! The only way to get an accurate count before Thursday it to email my gorgeous sister if you have donated in the last two weeks or if you donate in the coming 5 days! (No orations will be lost, they just won’t have the real totally before Thursday). Anyway a lovely lady from the Red Cross Blood Service is going to manually put them all into the computer for us!

Also if you have donated in the last 12 months (and haven’t already commented on FB) please email Helen your first and last name as she is compiling a list for the girls.

Her email is:

News today…. just that life is now boring without a pram. Engineering took it, they are going to try and do something so Ellie’s tank sits on the outside of the pram instead of underneath in the basket. I wonder why that is needed Hannah……

It will be gone again on Tuesday for 3 hours ☹️ She actually just had a bit of time off today (she can have 30mins a day) as they took her tank too. I will hang onto that on Tuesday.


Hannah happy to be home this afternoon, back chewing on home toys.

Ellie’s 1st unmonitored sleep in her bed (my feet are finally free!)

The excessive amount of tape is due to Ellie ripping her prongs off and either playing with them, throwing them around her bed or chucking them onto the floor…. someone thinks they can breath…..


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