Day 360 – Sacrifice

When I came in yesterday for yet another weekend stuck in the hospital, I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself. Then one of the nurses came in all smiles because of some good news. The kidney transplant from one of the kids next door had just finished and was successful. The father had given a kidney to his son/daughter (I didn’t know the patient). Immediately, my heart went out to them. What a terrible situation, but at the same time an amazing gesture of love. All of a sudden, my sacrifice of time was put in perspective as I considered the physical and ongoing sacrifice this father had willingly made. This kind of thing happens semi regularly at the children’s hospital, it is a shame our news reports on mostly bad things when there are so many amazingly good things happening without us realising.

Sacrifice is more than losing something, it is losing something for a greater good. The times when I can connect to the greater good, in this case the amazing Ellie, then the act of sacrifice becomes so much easier to fulfil. Ellie is worth every cent of the million+ dollars that has probably been spent on her (before you panic, not paid personally by us) and even the time sacrificed beside her bed has been so special and life giving in itself. The past year is something we will never wish away or regret, it is now part of who we are and who we will be from here on.

Ellie is looking great. I took her up to the shops for the first time today (my first time) and I was considering what she must think of the hundreds of people busying themselves around the place. Nothing much will happen medically over the weekend, but she looks as bright as ever on 200mls of low flow.


She has stopped playing with the toys and has started trying to work out how to lift the whole A Frame.



3 thoughts on “Day 360 – Sacrifice

  1. Yes, it certainly puts life in prospective. There is always going to be someone, somewhere doing it harder. It was great watching the girls grow while I was overseas. I tried to send some comments, but unable to get them through. It warms my heart to see Ellie grow stronger everyday. It’s so hard to believe their 1st Birthday is just around the corner, as it seems like yesterday they were just struggling newborns. Congratulations Matt and Deb. You are amazing.


  2. Great post Matt, you are all So amazing , and yes there are so many amazing things that happen at the hospital. Glad to hear The warrior princess is doing so well xoxo


  3. So, she’s done with these particular toys and is working on how to ditch the entire frame overboard. Be prepared for the crashing sounds as Ellie’s determination wins the day…
    You’ve truly figured out the concept of sacrifice. I guess my wish for you all is that the 2nd year of the girls’ lives contains a bit less sacrifice and a whole lot more simple, old-fashioned good times – you’ve earned them x


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