Day 363

OK maths smarties! Who are we only up to 363 days when one year is 365 days and it is the girls birthday in two days? We started the blog the day after they were born, day 1 as they were born in the afternoon so that was day 0.

Can anyone explain??

And yes I did forget and then got distracted.

Not a lot happened today. The pram was gone from just after 9 til about 330 so that restricted us a lot. I didn’t realise how much I was taking our walks for granted. We do now have a fancy (and removable) metal basket/cylinder for Ellie’s oxygen. It is going to make our walks much easier!

Hannah was a bit grumpy today. Both were a little more hard work than usual actually. Ellie decided to finish off the day by vomiting her entire 6pm feed, she did remind me that I didn’t burp her after her bottle though (25mls!)

Our room is starting to look fabulous, our hospital neighbour (her current stay is six weeks, but we actually met before Christmas) walked to the Prince of Wales end of the hospital with her Mum today (the furthest she has walked in a long time) and proudly presented the girls with the spoils of her walk, a beautiful, big princess crown ball, with the very apt words Happy Birthday Princess written on it. It meant so much to me and to know she worked so hard to get it and was so delighted to give it to my girls, who she is always so happy to stop and say hello too. This place truly does help you appreciate all the amazing things you have in life no matter how big or small they may be. In this world, our world, that was a huge thing, for everyone involved.

Download of Ellie’s saturation tonight and a cap gas in the morning (small blood test, often hard to get). Cap gases are normally done through a heel prick, however Ellie’s heels are so scarred from having so many they no longer bleed enough to fill the 0.5ml syringe. So they prick her little finger tips, let’s just hope it works first go!

Until tomorrow.


I love my new bib and bunting Jenny x


2 thoughts on “Day 363

  1. They were born in the pm of Day 0, 16 March 2016. At the END of their first 24 hours, pm 17 March, they were 24 hours old – 1 day old on Day 1. Count forward another 364 days and you’ll be at 16 March 2017. All clear as mud?????


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