365 Days/12 months/1 year…..and a 45 km trip…..

Today was always going to be a big day. Having all six of the Humphreys family in the hospital is never a small task. The boys were very excited to visit the starlight room, play in the toy room, and give out cupcakes for the girls birthday.

Needless to say, Hannah and Ellie received a huge amount of attention for their birthday. Some highlights included:

  •  A present and personal serenading from three starlight captains
  • A fully catered party with a dozen nurses (organised by the nurses)
  • Visits from many of the doctors, nurses, midwifes and other professionals who have worked with the girls over the last 12 months.

That was a big enough day in itself, but something else also happened today……….


A blurry family photo at the end of a very big day.

Nate was most excited when we told him Ellie was coming home today, mostly because he had predicted that her birthday would be a good time to come home (I think we have a little prophet on our hands).

We are too utterly exhausted to fill in the details, but we are elated to finally have our girl home. All six Humphreys will be sleeping at Waterfall for the first time ever. The girl that wasn’t meant to make it out of the womb has left the hospital to start her life at home with her family.

Welcome home Ellie, we love you and are already better people for having you in our lives.

Love Mum and Dad

p.s. It is going to take us a while to settle in at home, and we know how popular Ellie is, but we ask that her fans give her a little time before any unexpected visits. We are requesting no visitors to start with, so Ellie can have time to assimilate and get use to the big world outside of hospital.

When she is up to visits, it would be really helpful to message Deb before you come. We are really looking forward to celebrating the year ahead, with all the people who have stuck so closely by us over the last 12 months.


23 thoughts on “365 Days/12 months/1 year…..and a 45 km trip…..

  1. We are so, so, so very happy for you. Under the one roof all together is exactly how it should be! Good night, sleep tight Humphreys family – lots of love Uncle Doug and Aunty Julia xo
    PS Oops – Happy Birthday, Hannah and Ellie!! xo

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  2. Sounds like the best birthday present the girls (and their family) could have hoped for! Best wishes for a smooth settling in period. Happy Birthday, Hannah and Ellie! And welcome home, Ellie!!!


  3. Happy birthday Hannah & Ellie! What an amazing birthday present for you all! I’m super happy for you all to be at home together! Deb and Matt your hard work and dedication and unconditional love has finally paid off! Ellie is finally home with you! Enjoy every moment, your journey has just begun.

    Xoxoxx Jen, Maddy & Terry!

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  4. What a wonderful birthday gift for you all, you won’t know what to do tomorrow when you don’t make the drive to Randwick and return, welcome home warrior princess, enjoy your new life together Humphries family xoxo💜💜

    Happy 1st birthday, Hannah and Ellie


  5. Yay, we’re so excited and happy for you. Enjoy tomorrow morning waking up all together! Must feel awesome to all be under the one roof. Happy birthday Hannah and Ellie!!! xxxxxx


  6. This is the best news I have heard all day!! Maybe even all year!! Have an amazing night Humphries. All 6 of you!!
    Such a great birthday for your amazing girls.
    Love to you all!


  7. Wow wow wow wow!!! I am crying, this is the post we have been waiting for!! Much love to you all and I hope this transition goes well xo


  8. A super happy 1st birthday to Ellie and Hannah with a gift that was for the whole Humphreys family. What a huge day! So very happy to read that Ellie is finally home with her family. Wishing you much love xxx


  9. Wonderful news Humphries! I had also thought she would be home by her birthday, but on her birthday is even better. What a gift! Enjoy and I hope you all settle in smoothly with no hiccups. Happy birthday Hannah and Ellie. Xoxo


  10. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to – so very happy for you 😀 Hope your first night together as a family went well. Lots of love Aunty Maria and Uncle Doug xxxxxx


  11. Most amazing news! I couldn’t be happier for you all! Happiest of birthdays beautiful girls, and welcome home miss Ellie! I hope you had a wonderful first night at home


  12. Fantastic!! Congrats! Those O2 tanks are ugly but so worth it to have your baby at home with you (I hope u were given the really long 9 metre o2 cable as really helps with moving about!)
    Enjoy this very special time adjusting to life at home and while I’m sure there’ll be anxieties in the change, exhale & enjoy… you deserve it!
    (Will see the girls Grandad at the finish line of the half marathon as both myself and my husband are running it this year)

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  13. Oh my gosh, this such amazing news! I’m so so glad to know that you are all finally home together. What a wonderful birthday present for (and from) Ellie! You guys have been amazing this last year getting through so many ups and downs and sharing all of them with us. And now you are starting on your next chapter together. All my love and prayers as you settle in together!


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