Day 366

Well in all the excitement yesterday we forgot to tell you all about something (almost) as equally exciting……

There were 204  blood donations made in the girls names in the last 12 months!!

Thank you to my incredible sister Helen and all those amazing people who donated!

A year of blogging wow! Some gift our family received were a heart like the one above with the most common blog words in it, I’m very fortunate to not have the word crappy in it – turns out I use that a lot, oops. Louise (another amazing sister, I have 3 of them!) made a video of photos from the time they were born until recently. It is really incredible, I sometimes forget how small they were and how sick Ellie really was. I will add them here and y’all really just want to see pics of Ellie at home anyway so I will add those also.

She is doing well, the move is a big adjustment, so she is needing a little more attention than usual (this is our home, but she doesn’t realise it is hers yet). Otherwise all is looking well. Thanks for all the comments

*Deb x

Yay, birthday presents!

Lunch time.

I can dance here too ❤️

Not use to my new room, I might just sleep next to you Mum x

Highchair boxes are fun!


3 thoughts on “ Day 366

  1. Love these photos! I hope the first couple of nights went OK. Maybe Ellie needs some recordings of beeps, alarms, talking and crying children to remind her of her “other” home haha!

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  2. Hope you all have an enjoyable first ever family weekend at home together. It must feel quite surreal. Ellie probably feels like she is discovering a whole new world – enjoy xo


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