Day 367

Two full days in and needless to say we are exhausted and need to get seriously organised. Last night we decided we would all go out this morning, we wanted to leave just after 9am. To achieve this we had to make a list of all that had to be done in the morning and a list of things that had to be packed – because we were out over a fed time, this resulted in 3 bags. Just to leave the house for 4 hours! Mine you being organised did pay off. We fed two babies (1 bottle fed, 1 bottle fed then pump fed), gave 3 medications, had one poo explosion, one milk pump mishap (we had to reprime – anyone who knows what that means will feel our pain), one easily fixed line occlusion, the boys played in two different play areas. The 4 older members all had lunch and we picked up the cot mattress and cot sheets (and mattress protectors, two days and we have already discovered two is not enough!) we left the house for. Also halfway from our car to undercover it suddenly bickered down so we all got a little wet. All 4 kids also had a bath (together, busy but cute) and my beautiful cousin brought around salad and taco mince so we got to have a really lovely family dinner together. Matt and I also retaped Ellie’s feeding tube (twice) and her prongs for the first time since we came home. Ellie cried, Hannah sympathy bellowed.

Ellie slept for a little over 1.5hrs this afternoon, the best sleep she has had since coming home. Everything is new to her and she hasn’t yet slept as well as she mostly did in the hospital.

Everyone is asleep now and Mum and Dad have finally showered and are ready to start the night. I say start because there is still one med and a feed to go, not to mention ‘sleeping’ with two babies, a three year old and a 6 year old.

Lucky we were excited to be together at home.

The next two weeks will be organising and decluttering so we can streamline our childcare processes and manage to fit in Matt going to work, Nate going to school and the girls appointments. I am so excited to try!! I wouldn’t trade this business for anything, it is just so nice being at home. If we can get through the last year, all of the above is going to be a breeze (compared to what we have already been through) – once we are organised!


PS tomorrow night will be our last regular blog, if you want to keep up with our random comings and going we write about, you can subscribe and they will be emailed to you whenever they appear xx

One days worth of syringes, between the two girls.

“Hi” Hannah loves waving at everyone

Before we retaped but after we did a brown tape quick fix while out.


5 thoughts on “Day 367

  1. Well done Deb and Matt with the posts for the last year, it has been so nice to hear the girls progression over this time, I know you are really busy with everyone at home now, not that you weren’t before, but I can tell you I am really going to miss checking my emails every night for the days report, I guess I will have to check with Laura now, enjoy your girls and so glad for you both that Ellie is home in the family home xoxo


  2. Very happy for you Deb and Matt and thank you for these daily blogs, have loved following your journey and wish you lots of love, health and happiness in your journey moving forward. I will have to keep in touch through your Mum and Dad because I just accidentally unfollowed you on the blog….derrrr! xxxxxx


  3. I am so incredibly impressed that you even attempted, let alone achieved, an outing so early in your settling in at home period – bravo!
    We can’t begin to tell you how much your daily blog efforts have meant to us – you’ve taken us all along for one heck of a ride. I’ve often wondered how people could possibly establish relationships purely online (often very dodgy ones). Then I stop and realise that we have fallen head over heels in love with the delightful Miss Hannah and Miss Ellie and still haven’t met them – we would love to rectify that soon when you are settled in. Writing letters to them for their time capsule was like writing to someone we had known forever.
    Deb and Matt – you are absolute heroes in our eyes! Hannah, Ellie, Nate and Levi scored big time with you as their parents.
    Lots of love always Uncle Doug and Aunty Julia xo

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  4. Thanks for allowing me to be part of your 1st year journey. You have so much more to do now, and I shall get my regular updates from Laura. I shall continue to pray for the girls, and I wish your whole family love and joy xxxx


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